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Harness the power of Scala to program Spark and analyze tons of data in the blink of an eye

Key Features

Experience Scala’s sophisticated type system, combining functional programming and object-oriented conceptsWork on an array of applications, ranging from simple batch jobs to stream processing and machine learningPerform large-scale data analysis by exploring both common as well as complex use-cases

Book Description

Scala has been witnessing wide-scale adoption over the past few years, particularly in the field of data science and analytics. Spark, which is built on Scala, has also gained recognition, and is now being used widely in production. This book is designed to help you leverage the power of Scala and Spark to make sense of big data.

Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics begins by introducing you to Scala and helping you understand the object-oriented and functional programming concepts required for Spark application development. You’ll then move onto Spark and cover basic abstractions using Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD) and DataFrame. This will help you develop scalable, fault-tolerant streaming applications by analyzing structured and unstructured data using SparkSQL, GraphX, and Spark structured streaming. In the sections to follow, you’ll explore advanced topics, such as monitoring, configuration, debugging, testing, and deployment, which will further help you to manage your data effectively.

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After this, you’ll learn to use SparkR and PySpark APIs to develop impactful applications, and deploy Zeppelin to help you create interactive data analytics. Towards the concluding chapters, you’ll be able to use Alluxio to facilitate in-memory data processing.

By the end of this book, you’ll have a clear understanding of Spark and be able to perform full-stack data analytics regardless of the amount of data.

What you will learn

  • Get an in-depth understanding of Scala collection APIs
  • Work with RDD and DataFrame to learn Spark’s core abstractions
  • Analyse structured and unstructured data using SparkSQL and GraphX
  • Build scalable and fault-tolerant streaming applications using Spark structured streaming
  • Discover machine-learning (ML) best practices for classification, regression, dimensionality reduction, and recommendation system to build predictive models with widely used algorithms in Spark MLlib and ML
  • Develop clustering models to cluster a vast amount of data
  • Get to grips with tuning, debugging, and monitoring Spark applications
  • Deploy Spark applications on real clusters in Standalone, Mesos, and Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN)

Who this book is for

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If you want to learn how to perform data analysis by harnessing the power of Spark, this is the book for you. Prior knowledge of Spark or Scala is not required. Programming experience (particularly with other Java virtual machine(JVM) languages) will be useful to help you grasp the concepts easily.

Spark The Definitive Guide Pdf Free Download

Md. Rezaul Karim has more than 8 years of experience in the area of research and development with a solid knowledge of algorithms and data structures in C/C++, Java, Scala, R, and Python, focusing on Big Data technologies: Spark, Kafka, DC/OS, Docker, Mesos, Zeppelin, Hadoop, and MapReduce, and Deep Learning technologies: TensorFlow, DeepLearning4j, and H2O-Sparking Water. His research interests include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Semantic Web/Linked Data, Big Data, and Bioinformatics.He is a Research Scientist at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology-FIT, Germany. He is also a Ph.D. candidate at the RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany. He holds a BS and an MS degree in Computer Engineering. Before joining the Fraunhofer-FIT, he had been working as a Researcher at Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland. Before that, he worked as a Lead Engineer with Samsung Electronics’ distributed R&D Institutes in Korea, India, Vietnam, Turkey, and Bangladesh. Before that, he worked as a Research Assistant in the Database Lab at Kyung Hee University, Korea. He also worked as an R&D Engineer with BMTech21 Worldwide, Korea. Even before that, he worked as a Software Engineer with i2SoftTechnology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is the author of the following book titles with Packt:

  1. Large-Scale Machine Learning with Spark with the Packt Publishing
  2. Deep Learning with TensorFlow with the Packt Publishing.