The Book Collectors PDF Free Download

The Book Collectors PDF Free Download
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The Collector Book Movie

The Book of Soyga also known as Aldaraia sive Soyga vocor or Soyga: the book that kills was written in the 16th-century and apparently lost until it was found at the British Library in 1994. The work consists of several books Liber Aldaraia,Liber Radiorum, and Liber decimus septimus and a number of minor books. Together they form a treatise of magic and what makes it mysterious is 40 thousand randomly distributed letters set up in schemes. The scholar and adviser to Queen Elizabeth John Dee owned The Book of Soyga and he spent years trying to decode the letters. He even had consultations through a medium with the Archangel Uriel in order to get hints for his project. Others have suggested a special connection to the Voynich Manuscript. For a brief history of the book read this article Soyga: the book that kills. The Book of Soyga was written in Latin and this edition has both the original Latin text and the English translation by Jane Kupin, who begins the book with the words: Knowledge has no enemy other than ignorance.

[schema type=”book” url=”” name=”The Book of Soyga” description=”The Book of Soyga, also titled Aldaraia sive Soyga vocor, is a mysterious 16th-century Latin treatise on magic.” author=”Unknown, edited and translated by Jane Kupin” publisher=”Online publication” edition=”Jane Kupin translation” isbn=”None” ebook=”yes” ]

The Book Collectors Pdf Free Download Free

Download the book here (572 pages/2.6 MB)