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Kamala is a first name and surname. It means lotus in Sanskrit. Notable people and characters with the name include:


Kamala Harris

First name[edit]

  • Kamala Bahuguna (1923–2001), Indian politician
  • Kamala Balakrishnan (1930–2018), Indian immunologist
  • Kamala Bhattacharya (1945–1961), Indian martyr
  • Kamala Bose (1947–2012), Indian classical vocalist
  • Kamala Chakravarty (born 1928), Indian classical musician and dancer
  • Kamala Chandrakirana, Indonesian women's rights activist
  • Kamala Devi (actress) (born 1933), Indian actress
  • Kamala Devi (footballer) (born 1992), Indian footballer
  • Kamala-Jean Gopie, Jamaican-born Canadian political activist
  • Kamala Hampana (born 1935), Indian writer
  • Kamala Harris (born 1964), current Vice President of the United States since 2021
  • Kamala Hayman, New Zealand newspaper journalist
  • Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq, Sudanese artist
  • Kamala Kanta Kalita, Indian politician
  • Kamala Kamesh (born 1952), Indian actress
  • Kamala Kumari Karredula], Indian politician
  • Kamala Krishnaswamy, Indian nutritionist
  • Kamala Kotnis, Indian actress
  • Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir, American diplomat, ambassador to Malaysia
  • Kamala Laxman (died 2015), Indian author of children's books
  • Kamala Lopez, American filmmaker
  • Kamala Markandaya (1924–2004), Indian novelist and journalist
  • Kamala Nehru (1899–1936), wife of Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru
  • Kamala Nimbkar (1900–1979), American-born occupational therapist in India
  • Kamala Parks, American drummer, songwriter
  • Kamala Pujari, organic agriculture promoter from Orisha
  • Kamala Ranathunga (born 1937), Sri Lankan politician
  • Kamala Roka, Nepali politician
  • Kamala Saikhom, Indian actress
  • Kamala Sankaran, Indian academic administrator
  • Kamala Sankrityayan (1920–2009), Indian writer
  • Kamala Selvaraj, Indian obstetrician and gynecologist
  • Kamala Shankar, Indian slide guitar player
  • Kamala Sinha (1932–2014), Indian politician
  • Kamala Sohonie (1912-1998), Indian biochemist
  • Kamala Surayya (1934–2009), Indian short story writer and autobiographer
  • Kamala Todd, Canadian filmmaker


  • Diodorus Kamala (born 1968), Tanzanian politician
  • Kumari Kamala (born 1934), Indian classical dancer

Stage name[edit]

  • Kamala (wrestler) (James Arthur Harris, 1950–2020), American professional wrestler

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Kamala Khan, Marvel Comics superheroine
  • Kamala, a character in Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
  • Kamala, a character in 'The Perfect Mate', an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Kamala, a main character in the Netflixcoming of age comedy-drama series Never Have I Ever

Kamala Harris is a woman whose professional profile was elevated in all the right circles in the early/mid-1990s as the result of an admitted affair with a powerful (and married) political figure in California named Willie Brown. It’s a matter of public record, as the L.A. Times has previously reported.

See also[edit]

  • Kamla (name), given name and surname
  1. Goddess Kamala is considered as the Mahavidya form of Goddess Lakshmi, who represents wealth and beauty. As one of the Ten Mahavidyas Goddess Kamala represents the unfolding of inner consciousness into the richness of creation. The Goddess is known for the power to eradicate poverty, both material and spiritual.
  2. Kamala ( countable and uncountable, plural kamalas ) Nelumbo nucifera, a lotus plant. Mallotus philippensis, a plant in the spurge family. An orange dyestuff obtained from that plant.
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Signature Move

Flying splash

Hailing from the wilds of Uganda, Kamala was one of the most savage and terrifying Superstars sports-entertainment has ever seen. No one — not even his long-time handler, Kim Chee — ever seemed to know what the Ugandan Giant's next move would be, leading to a lot of bad nights for his foes.

Behind that savage exterior, however, was the heart of a warrior. Not much was known about Kamala's life before venturing into sports-entertainment, other than that he was a savage from the wild who apparently worked as a bodyguard for former Ugandan leader Idi Amin. He was never seen without Kim Chee, as he spoke no English — conversing only in loud yelps and grunts — and looked like a true jungle beast.

Barefoot and clad only in a loin cloth, face paint, and moons and stars painted on his chest, Kamala came to the ring wearing a ritual African tribal mask and carrying a spear, often slapping his ample belly as well. A disturbing enough sight for opponents, made all the worse when you add in the fact that Kamala was 6-foot-7, 350-pounds-plus of savage beast.

In 1982, Kamala first came into sports-entertainment when he was brought into Mid-South and World Class Championship Wrestling by the devious General Skandor Akbar. While there, he terrorized numerous opponents before leaving for WWE in 1984.

Under the tutelage of Kim Chee — and later Mr. Fuji — Kamala instantly became one of the most feared and hated Superstars WWE had ever seen. While he was unsuccessful in his quest to win the WWE Championship, the Ugandan Giant took Hulk Hogan to the limit on several occasions. Later, after falling under Fuji's employ, he formed a deadly duo with a former World Tag Team Champion, Sika the Wild Samoan. The savage pair complemented each other well, but they were unable to conquer any gold before Kamala left WWE in 1988.

He would return a few years later, this time led by Kim Chee and Harvey Wippleman; the devious Wippleman recruited Kamala for his war with Undertaker, but unfortunately, the Ugandan Giant was unable to eliminate The Phenom. After losing the first-ever Coffin Match to The Deadman at Survivor Series 1992, Kamala became the subject of much abuse and ridicule from his handlers.

Enter Reverend Slick. The good 'Doctor of Style' tried to stop Wippleman & Kim Chee's abuse, reminding Kamala that he was, in fact, not a jungle savage, but a man. Eventually, his positive message got through, inspiring Kamala to turn against his captors to join the Reverend's camp. Our fans instantly flocked to the big guy, as Slick tried to teach him how to be civilized, but both men left WWE shortly thereafter. Kamala resurfaced in WCW in 1995, this time as part of Kevin Sullivan's Dungeon of Doom, brought in to destroy Hulk Hogan. However, the Ugandan Giant disappeared almost as quickly as he had returned.

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