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The workshop to help your dreams take flight.

Turn your dreams into goals. You may find the following format useful in getting more specific about your most important dreams. First, write out each dream using the STAR technique (specific, time-bound, actionable, relevant). Then, prioritize your dreams and work with your Ameriprise financial advisor to develop. Download the worksheet here the Breakdown Get your pin board and pins at the ready:) Get dreaming big and write out all of your desires and the things you want to put on your dream board. Have lots of fun with this and don’t hold yourself back. Get or create images that represent your dreams well.

Gain expert clarity

Bob has helped thousands of people like you define and accomplish their dream. Stop feeling stuck and get started on what makes you come alive.

Overcome your obstacles

Don't let failures and fears hold you back. Investing in your dream will bring value and initiative you've been missing.

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Land the plane

Take your life out of a holding pattern. You'll come away with the proven tools and roadmap to make your dreams a reality.

Meet your guide

Bob Goff knows what it's like to be on the other side of what you were made to do. Feeling stuck is no fun, so he's made a framework to get dreamers out of the mud. With years of experience transforming big dreams into reality, he is the ultimate guide for getting dreams done. There's nothing ordinary about Bob's dynamic approach to life and he's here to pass on some of the magic.

Remember those kid-sized dreams you used to have? You wanted to fly to the moon, make the next blockbuster movie, or become the princess of your own country. Our workshops are about recapturing the childlike magic the 8-year-old version of you. Your dream might seem ridiculous, but not here. The bigger your dream is, the better. During our workshop, you'll engage your dream using our specialized curriculum to overcome the barriers holding it back and prepare it for lift-off.

The first step we take after we fail at our dream is we scale them back or we set our dreams behind complicated obstacle courses too complex to ever find our way through. Our workshop will help you keep your goals large while setting a clear course for execution.

Bob has spent a lifetime exploring how to put dreams into action. His voice is trusted by many who saw their dreams stuck in the mud for years. Bob will use his straight-forward, 7-step approach to focus your passions and get moving on what you've always wanted to achieve. Our recipe of success partners Bob's expertise with an intimate, small group delivery where your dream will get focused attention and a tangible action plan.

The framework is Bob's personal outline to dream execution. He tackles the many ways we walk away from or around doing what is written on our hearts. You'll spend 2 days hearing from Bob's experiences and collaborationg with a tight-knit collective of other dreamers like you. During our workshop's sessions, Bob will help you stop hitting the wall and repeating the same mistakes when trying to start your dream. He'll come along side and show you how to make room in your everyday life to make your goals happen.

Dream Big Dreams PDF Free Download

Finally get started on your big dream.

What would it look like to pursue what you were made to do? You were wired for your dream, engineered to benefit the world around you. So, not only are you missing out, so is the world. Is there a price tag too high for clarity and direction to begin it? How is not taking action costing you? Get back to building the rocket ship that is supposed to be your life.

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Dream Big, Live Well, Be Happy!

Connect with your authentic dreams and reach your goals...

Create a Bright, Meaningful Future!

Dream Big is much more than just a vision board; it is a complete system for conscious vision, growth and results that works for everyone! This is a tool for life. Our unique blend of time-proven techniques, scientific concepts, positive psychology and age-old wisdom will jump-start your dreams and enhance your life on every level.

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Explore your joy, purpose and potential...

Empower yourself to:

  • Find greater Joy, Awareness and Appreciation
  • Define and Achieve your Hopes, Dreams and Goals
  • Eliminate your Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs
  • Discover your Passion, Purpose and Direction
  • Explore your Connection to the World around you
  • Move Forward with Clarity, Focus and Confidence
  • Create a Bright, Meaningful Future

This surprisingly simple, enjoyable and insightful process goes deep...and it works for people of all ages. Your completed Vision Book represents your dreams, your goals and of how you want to experience life.It will inspire you and continue to motivate you on a daily basis.

Dream Big Dreams PDF Free Download

This is your Tool for Life!

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Dream Big Dreams PDF Free Download


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