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DAN AND PHIL GO OUTSIDE We actually went outside. From being people who avoid all human contact and direct sunlight to traveling around the world on tour, this is the behind-the-scenes story of our adventure! Twice the Dan and Phil, twice the action. And by action I mean browsing on the Internet in pajamas!

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Dan And Phil Go Outside Pdf free. download full

Daniel James Howell

11 June 1991 (age 30)
Years active2009–present
The Super Amazing Project, The amazing book/tour is not on fire, Dan & Phil go outside, Interactive Introverts Tour
Partner(s)Phil Lester (2009-present)
Internet information
Web alias(es)danisnotonfire
Signature phrase'Hello internet!' “Hi, my name’s [Dan]”

Daniel James 'Dan' Howell (born 11 June 1991) is an Englishvlogger. He is best known for his YouTube channelDaniel Howell, previously known as danisnotonfire. His YouTube channel reached 6 million subscribers on 10 August, 2016. That is not his only channel. He has a side channel called danisnotinteresting. He co-stars with Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) in DanAndPhilGAMES (their gaming channel) and DanAndPhilCRAFTS (which was an April fools joke) Dan presented Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1 with fellow Youtuber Phil Lester (a.k.a. AmazingPhil his best friend and flat mate). Dan has also been on a world tour with Phil Lester and written two books, as well as created a merchandise store.

Personal life[changechange source]

Dan And Phil Go Outside Pdf Free Download 64 Bit

Howell was born and grew up in Wokingham, Berkshire where he chose to study Law. Before starting his YouTube channel, he worked in the shops Focus DIY (where he sold an axe and memes to a 12 year old) and Asda (where he got fired). He went to school at The Forest School. Once he finished school, Howell went to the University of Manchester. He left university early to spend more time making videos for YouTube.[1] He currently lives in London with his roommate and best friend, Phil Lester.[2] He has a younger brother named Adrian who is 18.


He is openly gay.[3] He has clinical depression.[4]

Career[changechange source]

YouTube[changechange source]

Howell started making YouTube videos because he had been watching other youtubers for a long time. He was also encouraged by some friends to upload videos. Phil Lester was one of his friends who encouraged him.

In 2010 and 2011, Howell took part in 'Stickaid'. This is a live broadcast which happens every year. It is 24 hours long and encourages viewers to donate to the charity UNICEF.

In 2012, Howell won 'SuperNote'. This is a competition on YouTube run by Rhett and Link.[5]Howell was also in the video series Becoming YouTube created by Benjamin Cook. Becoming YouTube is about becoming an internet celebrity.[6]Howell also writes a blog for The Huffington Post. In this, he writes about making his YouTube videos.[7]

Howell and Lester made a YouTube series together called The Super Amazing Project. The series is made for My Damn Channel.[8] In this series, they explore paranormal events. In May 2014, The Super Amazing Project had over 530,000 subscribers.[8] In December 2012, the YouTube show finished its third series of 12 episodes. Episodes of The Super Amazing Project are not made every week anymore. 'Seasonal specials' are still made. The 'Internet News' part of their radio show uses some ideas from these videos. Unfortunately, Dan and Phil do not upload any more videos due to their busy schedules.

In January 2015, his YouTube channel had more than 4.3 million subscribers. His videos have been watched more than 290 million times.[2][9] In August, Howell hit 5 million subscribers.

BBC Radio 1[changechange source]

In January 2013, Howell and Lester became the presenters of BBC Radio 1's Sunday evening entertainment show.[10] They had worked with BBC Radio 1 before. Their work included producing videos for the station's YouTube channel and two Christmas broadcasts. Dan and Phil is an interactive two-hour show, which includes:

  • Music videos made by listeners
  • Challenges performed on live by the presenters
  • Song requests[11]

Awards and nominations[changechange source]

In 2012, Howell was voted 'Hottest Lad of the Year' by readers of the web magazine Sugarscape.[12]

In 2013, Howell and Lester were voted the UK’s favourite radio presenters and won the Sony Golden Headphones Award, presented by the Sony Radio Academy Awards. The won this for their radio show, Dan and Phil.[13]

In 2013, Howell came second in Sugarscape's Hottest Lads of 2013, a competition he had won a year before. He came second to his friend, Phil Lester.[14]

In 2014, Howell came fifth Sugarscape's Hottest Lads of 2014.

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Other websites[changechange source]

  • Dan and Phil at BBC Programmes
  • Video at YouTube
  • Second Video at YouTube
  • Daniel Howell on Twitter
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NOTE: The following version of the book was used to create this study guide: Howell, Dan and Lester, Phil. Dan and Phil Go Outside. Random House, Nov. 3, 2016.

Dan Howell and Phil Lester share memories and photographs from their world tour in a scrapbook-type commentary in Dan and Phil Go Outside. The book not only describes the work that goes into a tour but also illustrates the differences between an internet show and a live show. The two also give their readers a taste of what life is like on the road and share some of the sights they saw along the way.

The scrapbook starts with commentary by Dan and Phil about their decision to have a live tour and the work that went into designing the show and building the set. They first put on shows in the United Kingdom where they experienced live audiences for the first time. These audiences inspired the two because they gave the two real faces to associate with their fans. The story of the tour continues with descriptions of the theaters in which the two performed, the dressing rooms in which they prepared for their shows, and the after-show party set up by their crew.

Dan and Phil describe the changes they made to their show to make it more palatable for Americans when they took the tour to the United States of America. They talk about the tour bus on which they lived during their tour of America. In each stop of their tour, Dan and Phil include information about the cities in which they performed including pictures of tourist attractions and critiques of famous dishes.

Dan And Phil Go Outside Pdf Free Download And Install

The two also include salutes to the people who worked behind the scenes on their tour, including their merchandise team, their set crew, photographer, and director. The scrapbook ends with a list of comments the two heard while they were on tour and some wrap-up comments by Dan and Phil.