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French Horn in F & Piano - Early Intermediate - Digital Download Composed by Robert Schumann. Arranged by James M. Romantic Period, General Worship, Repertoire, Anniversary, Recital. Score, Set of Parts. Published by jmsgu3. Schumann: Abendlied for French Horn & Piano. $26.95 #French Horn and Piano #Robert Schumann #.

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Since our spring break begins tomorrow, I’m posting this week’s review a day early. I’ll be taking the next week off from blogging, but will resume after the break.

A Horn For Louis Pdf free. download full

Today we’ll look at an assortment of instructional videos for horn, one collection from YouTube, and another from the website Banddirector.com. With thousands of horn-related videos out there, why choose these for discussion here? One reason is that because of the sheer number of videos online, it can be difficult sometimes to separate the credible sources from the not-so-credible ones. In the case of these videos, they all come from reliable sources – professional players and university professors. Another reason, related to the first one, is that all of these videos have been produced by fellow UW-Madison alumni. They’re well done, and backed up by lots of playing and teaching experience.

The first set of videos is found on the YouTube Channel UNCWindEnsemble, and covers a variety of important topics. Although I couldn’t find an indication in any of the videos, the clinician here is Dr. Abigail Pack, Associate Professor of Horn at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In addition to the lack of production credits on the videos, the YouTube channel name is a little misleading, as it doesn’t specify which UNC campus is being represented. The video and audio quality are quite good, and Dr. Pack does a fine job explaining her chosen topics. The intended audience seems to be music educators and horn players, although other brass players could certainly benefit from watching as well. Here are titles and links to the videos.

A Horn For Louis PDF Free Download

See Full List On Hornbandcharts.com

The next several videos come from Banddirector.com, which claims to be “The #1 Online Resource for Band Directors.” The site was new to me, but they do have a nice archive of video and print resources related to brass instruments. One video which immediately caught my attention is titled “Stopped Horn – Techniques for French Horn,” presented by Dr. Lin Foulk, who is an Associate Professor of Music at Western Michigan University. Having put together my own video on stopped horn, I was really interested in Dr. Foulk’s take on things. She does a great job explaining the essential stopped horn basics in a short amount of time, and I highly recommend her video to both students and band directors. The video quality is a little grainy, but the overall effect is still good.

Choosing An Artist French Horn – Band Director Media Group

Next from Banddirector.com are a couple of videos featuring Bernhard Scully, formerly of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and Canadian Brass, and now an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Recorded during his time with the Canadian Brass, the videos are titled “French Horn Breathing Tips,” and “The Hand & French Horn Bell.” As you might expect, Professor Scully has some great advice on these topics, and in addition to being a top level player he has clearly thought out the pedagogical side of things. The audio quality is a little distorted during the playing segments of the videos, but otherwise the presentation is quite effective.

A Horn For Louis PDF Free Download

One other highly recommended resource found on Banddirector.com is a reprint of an article by IHS Honorary Member Louis Stout (1924-2005) titled “Choosing an Artist French Horn.” In addition to describing the qualities that an artist level instrument must have, he provides an annotated list of orchestral excerpts which can be used to test out new horns.

A topic that has come up in several lessons recently is that of learning B-flat horn alternate fingerings in the middle register where I would at least normally us the F horn. It is important for horn players to learn these fingerings in this range, which is one reason I philosophically prefer as a horn teacher B-flat marching horns to F mellophones–those students will learn those fingerings well. In short, though, every advanced horn player needs to knuckle down and learn these at some point.

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The late Louis Stout, of Holton and University of Michigan fame, was a big advocate of B-flat horn fingerings and had a method he used to teach them. Basically what I have been told is that if a student did not know them well enough he would take all the F horn slides off their horn, put them in a drawer in his desk, and they would just have to use only B-flat horn fingerings until they knew them well enough to get the F horn slides back.

I don’t think any horn teacher would do this today (I would not, anyway!) but it does communicate the importance of getting these fingerings worked out.

A Horn For Louis Pdf Free Download Torrent

Louis Stout was a fan of the single B-flat. This horn is one he helped a student purchase, a Holton single B-flat with an F extension. Just the horn for Mozart if you studied with Prof. Stout.